The Sunrise Ballet experience is unique for it's members. What they receive is far more than learning to become versatile dancers and performers. Objective guidance and mentorship towards all aspects of their lives is incorporated into the time invested. What they get out of being Sunrise Ballet will be a positive asset to them for the rest of their lives. In addition to learning how to truly dance, they learn to become the best version of themselves.

OUR CORPS DE BALLETS for 2015-2016 season:
Giana Grigsby, Megan Imber,
Olivia Kridle, Gillian Mercier,
Fatima Montelongo, Amelia Morgan, Anya Small, Alicia Liem,
Alexis Valbuena, Chamonix Bas, Morgan Clark, Kendall Krohn,
Shay Thiede, Kayla Thiede
- - -
Recent Alumni: Kayla Breneman, McKynzie Dyson, Lisa Gulley, Madeline Harvey, Alyssa Santos, Alyssa Aguilar, Madison Smith, Madeline Cooke, Katie Mendoza, Madison Holmes, Mary Crum, Penelope Muir, Grace Penner