Our Beginning:
The Sunrise Ballet has been serving the area since 1987, starting with a production of an original story-ballet, The Dream. Since then, we have performed The Nutcracker with bright new and original staging and choreography each year. In addition to classical pieces, the SB also brings neo-classical and contemporary dances to the stage.
Where the Money Comes From, and Where It Goes:
The Sunrise Ballet is funded generous by people just like you. With your help, you help empower the Sunrise Ballet to enrich the arts and the cultural aspects in the area. Your donations are allocated towards community outreach and lecture/demonstration programs. Dance scholarship programs to children who might not otherwise get exposure to the arts. Producing original childrens ballets to benefit the community. Maintaining low ticket prices for performances so that more people can enjoy what we have to offer. Helping pay for costumes, sets, scenery and rehearsal space for the company dancers. With your contribution, you will become recognized as a positive influence by being a benefactor to the arts in your community!
The Sunrise Ballet Mandate:
Sunrise Ballet members are local students working together towards a common goal. The Sunrise Ballet continues its unique and innovative approach in being a valuable, positive and creative influence on its members. Fresh new choreography and performance opportunities are provided. The Sunrise Ballet places its emphasis on its members and on the arts, instead of maintaining a high profile public image. While the highest standards of dance education are maintained, members may enjoy the benefits of the art as an end in itself, rather than having the extra pressures and stresses of the profession placed upon them.
Goals of the Sunrise Ballet:
   Goal #1: To give back to the community. We have donated to Camp Snoopy for the Deaf, Lamb of God Lutheran Church of Anaheim, The Blind Childrens Learning Center, the Ebenezer Church of Los Angeles and Childrens Hospital City of Orange. Half price and free tickets are given to worthy local groups such as retirement homes, Scouts, local youth groups and American Veterans.
    Goal #2: To enrich, educate and enlighten. One way we do this is through lecture/demonstrations at public & private schools. (Examples: our mini-performances at UCLA and a series of lecture/demonstrations at the public schools in the Placentia/Yorba Linda School District) Lecture/demonstrations include a history of dance, the athleticism of the art, the influence of music, costuming, and other related fields. Part of the SB mission statement is to give these lecture/demonstrations free of charge. We are not here to make a dollar, we are here to make a difference.
Goal #3: To make performances available to anyone who may never have the chance to see a ballet.
We do this to enrich the lives of our dancers, far more than simply teaching them how to dance. We give them mentorship and guidance that will be an asset with every aspect of their lives. We help them become the best version of themselves- in the present, and for the future.

The Sunrise Ballet is a California Non-Profit organization #33-0829097.